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Art Music N' ConcertArt Music N' ConcertArt Music N' Concert


Lead Over Lead (LOL) By Soulo Smith

Lead Over Lead also known as LOL by Soulo Smith found on Youtube, Amazon Prime and more.

Directed by: 

Soulo Smith, Sara Melita and Amircale

Cinematography by:

Amiracle and Sara Melita 

Edits by: Smitty Gritty and Sara Melita

Written, Recorded and Produced by:

Soulo Smith

California Music Video Award Winning “Battle Cry” by Soulo Smith


Directed by:


DP and Edits by: Embassy Interactive

Choreography by: Philly Sirens

Model: Mizzdarkchocolate

Writer, Recording Artist and Producer: 

Soulo Smith

Artwork by: Kaleidoscopic_

Criminal (Take Your Time) Cinematography and Edits by: We Mean Business

Ne'chelle - Criminal (Take Your Time) ft Soulo Smith

Directed by: Jab.D

Choreography by: Mark

Produced by:


Ne'chelle featuring Soulo Smith

"How You Play" Produced by DollarsignboyET


Ne'chelle is on fire! "How You Play" Out Now!

Directed by Embassy Interactive

Executive Produced by Art Music N' Concert

The Future Footprints Charity Event


The Future Footprints Charity Event

Executive Produced by Art Music N' Concert

Co-hosted by Talk HVY

Models: TakeOver Girls

Make-Up Artist and Model Mizzdarkchocolate


From the Virgin Island to the United States, Shanel is taking the world by storm. 

Fashion, Sports, Runway and Beauty.

Professional Make-Up Artist 

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"Criminal" by Ne'Chelle

"Battle Cry" by Soulo Smith

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